5 Adult Party Costumes You Can Find

When it comes to adult party Cosplay, nothing beats the age-old classic image of Sally Costello from the Pink Flamingo movie. But, I’ve got news for you; Sally Costello doesn’t always come through her looks in the movie. There are so many amazing adult party Cosplay costumes that come with a lot more than just a pink flamingo. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing cosplay costumes:

5 Adult Party Costumes You Can Find
Alice from the Alice in Wonderland film and books: This is an Alice cosplay that’s probably right up there with the most famous Alice scenes. You don’t have to be an Alice fan to love this character because he is one of the most classic characters from Lewis Carroll’s story. The character poses wearing a bunny costume, a bowler hat and a white tuxedo. The red and white ribbons on the costume provide a cute touch to the overall Alice in Wonderland theme.

Phyllis from the Family Guy movie and the TV series: If you’re looking for a cute, funny, and girlie Alice like the one in the movies kigu totoro Phyllis from the TV show is definitely for you. Phyllis is often seen dressed in a blue dress, with blonde hair and green eyes. She loves her family, especially her son, and she is very protective of her brother. She is a strong yet soft girl who loves to help around the house. To complete the Alice in Wonderland theme, get her a kids piglet costume with her image on it.

Professor Peter “Spock” Quill in Star Trek: Spock is one of the more well known alien characters from the Star Trek series. This is a great costume for a science fiction adult party because this character never ages, and he always seems to be young. He’s a great character to pair with a blonde wig or a blue short-sleeved shirt. A kids piglet costume of Spock will definitely look cool and unique at an adult party.

Professor Snape from Harry Potter: This super villain is one of the most famous and dramatic characters from the Harry Potter series. During the course of the series, Professor Snape attacks Harry, steals his magic wand, and pen’s a large list of people he wants to see dead. For this type of adult party, you can get a dark, navy blue jumpsuit, a cape, and an overcoat qualityonesie.com You may also want to get him some gloves, glasses, and a wizard’s hat to complete the look. The Harry Potter theme will be complete with a costume, some literature, and a list of people that he wants to get rid of.

Professor Snape is a wizard, so you can think of other characters with a wizard’s touch for a touch more adult party. What you want to do is think of any character poses you have seen that you would like to do on the party. You can put Professor Snape in his robes or put him in his slippers. If you want to put some other wizard characters in costumes, you can, but remember to look up how they should be dressed to avoid getting hurt. For a really fun party, think of some different character poses you can do, and you’ll have a blast!