Want to experience the girly Hello Kitty pajamas?

Kitty, the English name of the famous Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty, was born in 1974, when Sanrio ordered a small wallet with designs that it hoped would create a new character. Yuuko Shimizu, the first generation of Kitty’s designers, started with the idea of children’s favorite animals — little bears, puppies and kittens. Since the first two have already been introduced, she decided to use her favorite cat. Shintaro didn’t really like it at the time, but incredibly, the kitten became wildly popular.The popularity of Hello Kitty is by no means summed up in one or two words. Almost every girl loves the pink Kitty cat, which is everywhere in her purse, pajamas¬†and school bag.Imagine sleeping in a pink room in a soft and comfortable Kitty onesie, covered with a pink quilt, like a princess living in a fairy tale, almost every girl’s dream.You can also buy a suit with your friends as a best friend, warm up your friendship, get up with your friends!

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