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Luxury Replica Watches – Replica Patek Phillipe Sky Moon Ref.6002

A highly-complicated masterpiece
Ref.6002 has minor difference with its ancestors. Although Caliber RTO 27 QR SID LU CL is the most exquisite and complicated movement, adding more function to this movement is the not main idea and the main idea is to incorporates the most charming features in that little tight space: Calendar and automatic returning Date, minute repeater, tourbillon and sidereal time. Date and week are displayed through windows.

Minute repeater system
Minute repeater once was the peak in the watch industry. Over 25 years, Patek Phillip attaches great importance to it and had great achievement in this field. Relying on its rich experience, experts from Patek Phillipe has developed special alloy that is applied to Minute repeater system, making a great leap in tone quality of chime.

Precision on time
Minute repeater depends on the movement with tourbillon which make sure the high precision. This structure is made of 69 independent components with a amazingly light weight of 0.3 grams. What comes with Ref.6002 movement is a certificate on watch’s precision. After assembling and was put into case, the deviation is limited to -2 to +1 second.

Impeccable model
This automatic winding movement is a masterwork on micro-machine techniques. There are 686 components in total and everyone of them are carefully processed. Due to the multiple procedures and using complex and exquisite techniques, the movement alone will take a couple of months to finish and finally, a perfect movement, branded with Patek Phillipe’s logo, comes to public.

Sky Moon Ref.6002 is carefully placed in a precious watch box which is carved out of black sandal wood and is set with gold. In addition, this unique watch has a pair of platinum buckles. With aesthetic perception and great innovation and design, Patek Phillipe Ref.6002 Sky Moon is a unique chronograph in the world.