Hidden Beauty Behind Cartier

Hidden Beauty Behind Cartier

With 150 years of history, Cartier definitely is one for the book in the jewelry history, shining just like its jewelries. Carefully selecting among so many stones, every diamonds is a great one, and reveal what the beauty is, what classics is. Everyone is unique. There are four standards that could tell whether this is a great jewelry or stones, namely 4C: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

At the end of 19 century, Cartier, the founder of Cartier, dedicatedly studied stones, and found the best solution in platinum and stone-insetting. This brand new approach finally developed into a systematical knowledge, and he was the great master of the quality of a stone. Since then, Cartier has been a top brand in the jewelry. Any important occasion must require the presence of Cartier jewelries. Back then, the top businessmen and cutters would leave the best stones for Cartier. The history of stones, in others words, is an endless poetry which is full of legends, adventures, and thrilling experience. Every segment of them reflects human’s passion about it.

Mysterious time

In the history of Cartier replica, mysterious clock takes up a major part of it, and the reason why the mysterious clock become mysterious is the hands made of platinum and diamonds float above the crystal dial, and has no touch with the movement. hands are not directly connected to movement; instead, they are fixed on the crystal dial on the metal frame. The crystal dial is driven by the movement ( most of them are placed down the clock), and spins at the speed of hour hand and minute hand. This design later become the cult item among celebrities like Spain Queen, Maharajah de Patiala. Cartier, inspired by its classic jewelries and other art works, designed this new mysterious clock with mother of pearls, diamonds and other precious materials.


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