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Rolex Daytona – Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116505

All series of Daytona watches use the Rolex homemade Cal. 4130 automatic timing movement, with a guide pin wheel device and vertical clutch structure; Single box spring design can provide the power reserve up to 72 hours, which can be called the heteromerism in chronograph; Plus Rolex specific two-way winding structure (Double clutch gear covered with Red compounds within the watch movement) and the ball bearing; the winding efficiency is perfect, which can provide abundant power to timing structure, to make the timing is more accurate. 4130 automatic movement is equipped with screw fine-tuning balance wheel, and you can accurately adjust the time through the four fine adjustment screws; coupled with the high magnetic and shock resistance of blue Parachrom breguet balance spring, the Cal.4130 movement is certified by a Swiss C.O.S.C observatory.

Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116505
Having been nearly 20 years when pioneered in patent everrose gold material watchcase, the everrose gold has always been the most popular precious metal material, but there is a drawback of the traditional rose gold material, that is, it is easy to slowly lose their color and brightness with the baptism of the years and the chemical composition contacting at your daily life. Launched in 2008, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 2008 took the lead with in equipping the Rolex new 18 k everrose gold, and also adding a percentage of platinum, which let rose gold maintain its bright color and luster forever. Including the clasp, Pointers and timing buttons, they also use patent rose gold, even after long-term wear, it also can ensure the beautiful appearance.

In addition to the Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116505, there are also some classic and famous Rolex Daytona watches, including the Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116598 RBW, Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 and so on, and you can buy yours according to your taste and style.

Speed, Passion, Charm and Pioneer-TAG Heuer Chronograph

So far, the Carrera Pan-American Mexico Race is still known to people and Heuer was inspired by it and therefore gave birth to the Carrera series and the first one met the public in 1963. So far to now it is over a half century. Today, we will going to talk about the Carrera Chronograph CAR2140.FC8145 which was fitted with its own movement Cal.1887.

The case of CAR2140.FC8145 was made of rose gold and was processed with polishing, bestowing it with bright color and extraordinary beauty. The case was designed in the workshop in Swiss which has advanced equipment. The case was punched and pressed and polished in a delicate way that could be calculated in micro. Heuer itself also said that their cases were definitely excellent. The case back and mirror are made of sapphire crystal and the who sapphire was cut and polished its edges.

The design of the dial was the first priority during making a watch. 18k rose gold were applied to hands and time indexes and were abrased to present a bring color. In addition, there are small dials in the center area. The small dial with golden hand are the chronograph, and indicate time while two black hands in the center of the dial make up the chronograph. Inside the bezel this is a tachometric scale to measure speed. CAL 1887 in the small dial also indicates that this watch introduced 1887 movement that Heuer is proud for and it represents Heuer’s excellent performance in the movement.

Carrera series were derived from car racing. Therefore, a lot of designs serve the need for car race. Jack Heuer, from the beginning of Heuer, knew what anti-shock and a large mirror meant to racer, so it did not only designed the large case , but also make the case more reliable and solid. In addition, it must be fitted with a chronometer.

The reason loving Rolex Submariner Watches

Rolex, whether you know or not know about watches, have heard of this brand. If you do not know anything about watches, then remember a general rule, the watch above rolex is the art and the following is the real products. Like rolex Submariner watches, there are a lot of reasons for me to fall into love with it, in addition to its durable performance, this rolex Submariner watch waterproof water depth is 300 m, which is more durable.

Now the women wearing men watch is a kind of trend, just like the lady who wear the boyfriend t-shirt and ball uniform, wearing the loose clothes will give people a kind of other tastes. And this kind of trend is more clearly showed on another watch brand – Panerai whose watch dial is very big and not normal people can hold it.

When it comes to watch waterproof problems, don’t believe that 300 m waterproof is invincible. You know, any water-resistant watch cannot touch hot water, more can’t take it to sauna. Water-resistant watch can prevent water vapor. Water-resistant watch annotation of M is the meaning of a 10 meter on behalf of an atmospheric pressure, 30 meters waterproof represents in three atmospheric pressure, and the waterproof in the static state. If you have only 30 m waterproof wrist watch, so don’t be silly to wear it to go swimming, 30 m means daily life waterproof, it can be said in popular point, that is in the rain, occasionally touch the water to wash your hands; for 100 m, you can go swimming, take a shower; More than 300 m, you can take to go diving. Because mechanical watches movement is so subtle, and so particularly vulnerable, water oxidation can lead to irreversible consequences.

Here is a big highlight for the Rolex Submariner – the thickness and size is very suitable for both casual and formal wearing.